Thursday, January 11, 2018

How To Energize, Show Up, and Make A Splash With Monthly Targets

"Do or do not. There is no try."

- Yoda [Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back]


Our Body Is Our Temple...

Year after year Top 10 New Year's resolutions include better eating habits, losing weight, getting more exercise, saving more money, and spending time with family. I've restarted my annual clock over and over with these targets as well. There's nothing wrong with aiming for the good stuff. 

Sharpening my focus on my health and well-being makes sense especially since my body is the place I call home. My challenge is how long it takes before I become complacent or become overly absorbed in the hustle and bustle of life activities other than those at the top of my list.

This year will be different.

Sound familiar? Sure does. Intending to do something different is noble and engaging until the shine wears off. This year I have looked for and found new ways to convert my intentions into real-world results more rapidly and more permanently than ever before by simplifying how and when I measure results. I am aided by the genius of an outstanding Mastermind Group along with Tim Urban's 10-Minute Time Blocks.

This year is already different.

Energize, Show Up, and Make a Splash With Monthly Targets

A few days ago our Mastermind Host threw out an idea of focusing on a single monthly target versus annual resolutions. The idea is to dismantle the old mindset of starting over at the top of each year by setting a list of goals that will almost never make it past the first few weeksThe new idea is to pick one target and stick with it for 30 days - fewer days if you choose.

Who says we have to wait for a whole year before resetting our objectives??

Taking stock every thirty 30 days allows for greater flexibility and better results by making interim changes quickly - as in 12 adjustments in 12 months versus 1 big adjustment in 12 months. This approach is backed up by the clarity of a Definite Major Purpose, the foundation for all success.


"...definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all individual achievements... have to have a purpose, you have to have a plan, and you have to start putting that plan into action... is not too important that your plan be sound...because if you find that you've adopted a plan that is not can always change... is very important that you be definite about what it is that you're going after...what your purpose is...that must be very definite - there can be no ifs, ands, or buts about it...



From Monthly Targets To Daily Actions

My monthly target includes taking care of my temple. To me this means sleeping better and more deeply, exercising more often, eating higher quality foods, and spending my time wisely. An idea from Tim Urban's blog "Wait but Why" gave me a simplified approach for developing an unincumbered daily action plan to move me closer to my target.

Tim's premise is that we all have one hundred 10-minute time blocks to spend each day. I sat down to map out my ideal daily time expenditures using this method - first with no filters or judgment. Then I saw some patterns that I must change if I am to be successful. This is a challenging and enlightening exercise that may surprise you as well. The biggest lesson that came pouring out of the page was:

Time is limited - period!!

Two big time numbers to be aware of are Life Span and Work Span. The average Life Span in the US is 78.6 years and is declining due to the opiod epidemic. The average Work Span in the US is 40 years depending on education, career start, and age of retirement. Average is not what I aim for so I am adjusting my approach to life and work (#LifeWorkIntegration).

Do the math and then decide if you need to adjust.



From Definite Major Purpose to monthly targets to daily action plans, these simple approaches to focus your time will bring forth desired results daily, monthly, or yearly. If results do not materialize as you expect, change directions until you reach your goals. Your success depends on it.

"Do or do not. There is no try." Are you ready to 'do' your next steps??


Five (5) Resources To Help You Energize, Show Up, and Make A Splash in 2018


...until next time, count to 10 & make it count!!

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