Monday, March 31, 2014

If You Have a Weak Stomach or Fear of Future, Then Don't Read This!

WARNING! If you have a weak stomach or a fear of the future, then don't read this! However, if you want to explore where our collective intelligence has taken us, then grab a beverage or your favorite snack and indulge.

I'm deeply passionate about the integration of technology and humanity. I'm also deeply concerned about the impact of technology on jobs and livelihoods near term and beyond. Everyday I make an effort to research and share at least one tidbit of compelling information with my readers in these areas.  Inevitably I find something new - new to me, newly created, new perspectives on something old - or something just plain crazy. That's what the documentary below is to me - new, compelling, crazy, and wow (aka scary)!

We're pushing boundaries at unprecedented rates and our awareness hasn't yet caught up to what we're collectively capable of. It's fascinating and at times simply unbelievable. I stumbled on this documentary while exploring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs across the U.S. The focus of my research is to determine effective ways to break down barriers in STEM for women and girls - and to find out how I can help.

The U.S. is not ready and the alternatives are deeply troubling.
  • 69% of high school graduates are not prepared for college-level science
  • 54% of high school graduates are not prepared for college-level math
  • 4% of bachelor's degrees awarded in the U.S. are in engineering, China 31%
  • 40% of men with STEM degrees practice in their field compared to 26% of women 
  • 92% of all U.S. STEM jobs will require post-secondary education by 2018
  • 23% of STEM workers are women though women are 48% of the workforce
  • 4% of workers in STEM careers create jobs for the 96% of workers in other fields
  • 30% of middle school science teachers did not major in science and are not certified to teach it
Don't look away! If you don't like the view, explore what you can do as a professional in your field to help change it. After all - it's our collective futures on the line.

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