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How To Predict The Future In The Era of Artificial Intelligence

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Abraham Lincoln, Peter Drucker, Alan Kay


Turning the page on 2017... Welcome to 2018!!

It's an exciting and nail biting time to predict the future by creating something new, something impossible, something uniquely you.

We know that artificial intelligence (AI), politics, wealth, and mass movements will be part of our collective futures. However, there are windows of opportunity open right this moment and every single future moment for creating something new from your own genius, from your own creativity, from your own desires.

Something great.

In preparation for breakthroughs in 2018, I cleaned house - physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Sounds like a lot because it is. Greatness requires focus, preparation, and actions. My goal is to crack open the door to greatness a little more this year. I may even shatter the glass.

While cleaning house and making room for 2018, I found some spectacular works of my heart and hands that I had not seen in years, in decades. Bringing these items to the forefront reminded me of the creative passions that run deep within. I was reminded that creativity has a heartbeat - yours, mine, and ours.

Last year brought with it sudden family losses, life-altering decisions, and one miraculous and unexpected find so spectacular that there is only one explanation I will assign to it - Grace. 

I have given up 2017 with glee, keeping only my dearest loved ones, my infinite and new relationships, my vision for the future, and my lessons learned. Next steps are forward-looking, mindful, and grateful - open to new impossiblities and new creations. 

First things first.

Predict The Future By Creating It

There are plenty of predictions and lists of predictions circulating with nuggets of insight gathered and gained from every pathway walked. I appreciate the simplicity of these lists and the bite-sized gifts that they provide.

I keep my eyes on artificial intelligence, politics, wealth, and mass movements, but mostly on my health because without it nothing else matters much. I trust that you have also put health first with mindfulness and restfulness at the forefront of your trek towards greater prosperity. 

By taking care of our health, we can predict that our days will be brighter and our nights more effective by recharging our physical and creative batteries. With a full charge every morning, our twists and turns on Future Lane will be less turbulent.



Can Artificial Intelligence Predict The Future?

There is much speculation about artificial intelligence now and in the near future. The One Hundred Year Study of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford University shows where we have been, where we are, and where we are going in the era of artificial intelligence. 

The inaugural AI Index covers the volume of artificial intelligence activity in academia, industry, open-source software, and public interest along with technical performance in vision, natural language understanding (parsing, machine translation, question answering, speech recognition), theorem proving, SAT solving, and much more.

I firmly predict that learning about and engaging with artificial intelligence will make everyone better prepared to navigate the future. Though artificial intelligence is approaching human computational ability, it is not yet able to think our individual thoughts for us. 

Human intelligence, ingenuity, and intuition still count!!


    What futures will we create? 

    Artificial intelligence has positioned us to take greater control of the future through predictive mechanisms. However, this massive predictive power is only effective if we leverage it to make our lives better. The choice is unequivocally ours. 

    There are an infinite number of ways to predict the future - one method examines current status, reflects on past events, evaluates choices, makes decisions about what could or should come next, takes action to implement decisions, incorporates lessons-learned feedback loops, infuses new data and new choices along the way to create new choices while watching for unexpected results (i.e. disruptions). 

    Sounds like natural intelligence.


    For more than 250 years the fundamental drivers of economic growth have been technological innovations...

    The effects of AI will be magnified in the coming decade, as manufacturing, retailing, transportation, finance, health care, law, advertising, insurance, entertainment, education, and virtually every other industr[ies] transform their core processes and business models to take advantage of machine learning.

    The bottleneck now is in management, implementation, and business imagination.


    Statistical probabilities, estimation models, forecasts, hypotheses, qualitative or regression analyses, opinions, experience, available technologies, and trends are all factors to consider in predictions. We have built systems to help us with these intricate tasks. We then combined those systems and accelerated their computational power so the systems can now learn on their own. These amazing systems did not materialize out of thin air. They were created with human ingenuity.

    Now that we know how to predict the future, what futures will we create? 


    Twelve (12) Resources for Predicting the Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence


    ...until next time, count to 10 & make it count!!

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