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Ladders, Stairs, or Chairs: Routes To The Top Are Constantly Changing

Spirals are beautiful even if they can make you dizzy. Dizzying is the the pace of change - of moving up and down, side to side, inside out, outside in, over and above. From low-speed chases to high-speed races, everyone is trying to get somewhere up or over "there". Ladders, stairs, or chairs can take you where you want to go.

Routes to the top are constantly changing...

But we're not (or are we?)...

Moving through life with the same views day after day or year after year, even when faced with overwhelming evidence that those views my no longer be valid is a sign of a normal mind. That's right - normal. 

Only 5% of our Thoughts-Per-Day are New!

Research from the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) at USC found that the average person has about 70,000 thoughts per day or about 48.6 thoughts per minute. That's about 70,000 opportunities to change our minds, right? Wrong. It doesn't work that way. We're creatures of habit. 

Not only do we persist with about 95% of the same thoughts from day to day, reportedly an astounding 80% of those thoughts are negative. Why? Because it's normal. We were designed to maintain an internal log of negative experiences to keep us safe by helping us to avoid repeating the same negative experiences in the future.

Only 20% of our Thoughts-Per-Day are Positive!


>>>>>  Try This  <<<<<

First, recall burning your fingers on something hot for the first time. How did it feel? 

Next, recall the warm sun on your face for the first time. How did it feel? 

>>> Which memory was more intense? <<<

It's likely that you don't remember feeling the sun on your face for the first time. Of the two memories, the negative experience is likely the most powerful one.



Here's a positive way to look at this... Even though a 5% daily shift in our thoughts may seem insignificant, it only takes one thought to create a spark towards massive action - and we have 3500 new opportunities per day!

Everyday we have 3,500 new opportunities to change!

In addition to our thoughts, our human systems are also constantly changing. Nature takes care of us by replacing our systems at various rates of change throughout our lifetime. From replacing our skin daily to maintaining half of our heart cells for a lifetime, everything changes.



Just so we're clear - change is constant and there are as many routes to the top as there are thoughts-per-day! Here are three such routes.

Use Ladders, Change Perspective

We often use corporate ladders to lean against organizational structures for a better view from higher up. Climbing ladders is the 20th century traditional method of getting an education, of working hard, and of moving up. Leveraging mentors for support along the way helps to keep the ladder from shaking at the base. The higher you go up the ladder the more broad your view, the greater your impact, the higher your pay, and the heavier your burden. It's a mixed bag, but your perspective changes.

Use Stairs, Change Altitude

Taking the stairs is comparable to leveraging coaches to accelerate your ascent to the top. Stairs are generally more stable than ladders since they may be supported on both sides by railings. Where ladders can be rickety depending on the lean angle or support base, stairs will get you to your next level no matter what provided that you're on the right staircase. Your expertise combined with the support of a career coach is a solid way to expand your career and change your altitude.

Use Chairs, Change Position

Changing positions is another way to supercharge your climb. Whether moving horizontally, vertically, or backwards, select strategic positions to fill in career gaps, to increase your influence, and to accelerate your growth. Education, expertise, mentors, and coaches can only take you so far. In the 21st century, career mastery requires carefully crafted teams of networks and sponsors combined with a working knowledge of the  Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

In the end it's "who" you know that gets you there so build your personal "Board of Directors" with you as the Chair. Choose carefully as these are individuals who can block and tackle for you on your way up - or they can simply block you.



If ladders don't work, 
then take the stairs or switch chairs!

...just keep climbing!


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